Консим - Сертификация по ISO

Konsim Engineering is specialized in the import, sale and service of electric heaters, ventilation and air conditioning, design and installation of the equipment for them.
Our goal is to find an optimal solution according to the individual customer requirements.

Konsim Engineering offers on the Bulgarian market:

  • Noirot, France - electric heaters, ceiling radiation for heating of warehouses and industrial spaces, air curtains.
  • Auer, France - generators of electricity and gas
  • Bini, Italy - fan coil units, heat pumps
  • Heatpol, Poland - electric heaters for radiators and bathroom heaters with towel rails
  • Starmix, Germany - hair and hand dryers for hotels

We offer Midea and LG air conditioners, which are installed and maintained by our qualified service.

Konsim Engineering has a network of distributors and customers in Sofia and in the other parts of Bulgaria and offers high quality facilities and services.

We strive to offer facilities and high quality services in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Being always loyal and efficient, our company keeps on gaining new and retaining regular customers.

We constantly follow and inform about the latest technologies in the field, in which we work and continuously improve the qualification of our specialists. Konsim Engineering strictly adhere to the requirements of th European and national standards and regulations.

We offer our customers professional advice, technical solutions, design, supply and installation of systems for aquatic and direct evaporation.

  • Design

Konsim Engineering carries out the research, prepares the technical solutions and detailed designs of all types of air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

  • Delivery

Konsim Engineering provides comprehensive supply of machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

  • Installation

Konsim Engineering performes professional installation of the full range of air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment. The company has its own facilities and equipment. The primary goal of our company is to continuously improve the quality and level of our services.

  • Service

Konsim Engineering performes warranty maintenance of electric convector heaters, boilers, electricity and gas heaters, air curtains, air conditioners, fan coil units, heat pumps, air conditioning and heating equipment supplied by the company. We will give you detailed information about the problem, fast and professional reation for solving the problem.

Our team of highly qualified specialists perform subscription and non-warranty service for heating, household and central air conditioning systems.

- 3%

Air curtains

  • 2 ratings / 2 speeds
  • Silent tangential fans
  • Made in France